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Water Data Explorer (WDE)

Team:  Svea Rautenberg, Chris Jackson, Carl Watson, Tijana Jovanovic


To develop an online discovery tool offering more visibility and transparency of water and environment spatial information, and enabling data sharing and accessibility. This will support and be used to advocate for better water management collaboration and understanding between various stakeholder groups. The key goals for the WDE are:

  • to facilitate a shared-understanding of the water system across London;

  • monitor environmental changes through time;

  • provide evidence for and support decision-making.


A first Beta version of the WDE has been released over the summer 2020. Over September 2020, we ran a series of online workshops to understand the needs and requirements of different groups of stakeholders:

  • London-based environmental community groups and river trusts representatives discussed the use of water data for effecting change;

  • Representatives from four water companies discussed data sharing and blockers and the need for data contextualisation;

  • Representatives of five London Boroughs discussed the challenges around data accessibility and usability of the WDE.


The discussions have been summarised into a dozen of User Stories that helped us identify the data and features to be added into the WDE to answer the stakeholders’ needs. We have now implemented the next stage of the WDE development which is available to the public.


  • A refined version of the Water Data Explorer tailored to the stakeholders’ needs

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