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The importance of eliciting stakeholders’ system boundary perceptions for problem structuring and decision-making

Pluchinotta, Salvia, Zimmermann

European Journal of Operational Research


A reduced complexity model with graph partitioning for rapid hydraulic assessment of sewer networks

Dobson, Watson-Hill, Muhandes, Borup, Mijic

Water Resources Research


The wicked problem of waste management: An attention-based analysis of stakeholder behaviours

Salvia, Zimmermann, Willan, Hale, Gitau, Muindi, Gichana, Davies

Journal of Cleaner Production


Evaluating natural capital performance of urban development through System Dynamics: A case study from London

O’Keeffe, Pluchinotta, De Stercke, Hinson, Puchol-Salort, Mijic, Zimmermann, Collins

Science of the Total Environment


The public and its assets: Performing appraisal and advocacy for blue and green infrastructure in London, England

Peters, Landström

Environment and Planning E: Nature and Space


The Value of Aggregated City Scale Models to Rapidly Assess SuDS in Combined Sewer Systems

Muhandes, Dobson, Mijic

Frontiers in Water


Hierarchical systems integration for coordinated urban-rural water quality management at a catchment scale

Liu, Dobson, Mijic

Science of The Total Environment


Supporting interdisciplinary research projects via system dynamics boundary objects: An application to integrated urban water management

Zimmermann, Pluchinotta

International Conference of the System Dynamics Society


Natural Capital Impact Assessment for New Urban Developments

Puchol-Salort, Van Reeuwijk, Mijic

PLEA (Planning Post Carbon Cities) Conference 2020


Planning London’s green spaces in an integrated water management approach to enhance future resilience in urban stormwater control

Zhang, Paschalis, Mijic

Journal of Hydrology


Towards open source LOD2 modelling using convolutional Neural Networks

Muftah, Rowan, Butler

Modeling Earth Systems and Environment


Urban forests as main regulator of the evaporative cooling effect in cities

Paschalis, Chacraborty, Manoli, Meili Fatichi

AGU Advances

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