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Assessing the role of Natural Capital in a sustainable urban environment - Thamesmead

Status: Completed

Team:  Alex Collins, Jimmy O’Keeffe, Ana Mijic, Pepe Puchol-Salort, Nici Zimmermann, Irene Pluchinotta

Partners: Thames 21, Peabody, Environment Agency, GLA, Thames Water

Objectives: Develop ways to quantify the many benefits Natural Capital, particularly blue and green space, can provide to urban communities. We will also outline ways in which Natural Capital can be more easily incorporated within urban (re)development projects. Our approaches are based on systems thinking, informed by expert opinions provided by our many project partners.


  • Study area visit

  • System mapping exercises with project partners

  • Model development (CityNC)

  • Framework development (UPSUF)


  • CityNC – an urban natural capital evaluation model. This systems dynamics tool will allow users to quantify the multiple benefits natural capital can provide and how changes in the built or natural environment could positively or negatively impact a community. [in development]

  • UPSUF - An Urban Planning Sustainability Framework – This common conceptual framework combines sustainability evaluation, design solutions and planning system process and operation; enabling improved sustainability design, assessment and decision-making for a multi-stakeholder urban development projects. [in development]

Thamesmead - aerial view
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