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Haringey Urban Rivers Restoration

Team:  Sarah Bell (Also Lena Ciric and Helen Pineo -UCL academics not otherwise involved with CAMELLIA)

Partners: Haringey Rivers Forum, Thames 21

Objectives: Provide evidence, processes and capacity building to support river restoration in Haringey.


  • A review of public health risks from water quality in relation to restoration of the Moselle Brook at the Clarendon Gasworks site

  • Early identification and analysis of options for restoration of the Stonebridge Brook in Chestnuts park, to improve flood management and park amenity

  • Development of tools to support early community engagement in evaluation of river restoration options in London


  • Early Evaluation of sustainable drainage design in parks tool

  • Report on public health risks of daylighting Moselle Brook

Documents & Resources


  • Early Evaluation of sustainable drainage design in parks tool​

  • Daylighting Moselle Brook: Understanding risks to public health. A briefing note by Engineering Exchange


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