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Community Modelling in Enfield

Status:  In progress

Team:  Helge Peters, Catharina Landstrom, Andrew Hughes, Chris Jackson, Paul Whitehead

Partners: Thames21, London Borough of Enfield

Objectives: The ambition is to introduce a water quality model with a user-friendly interface that local stewardship groups can use to consider local interventions and explain water quality challenges to the wider community.

Activities: Setting up the INCA water quality model for local rivers (Pymmes Brook, Salmons Brook and the confluence of the two). Development of user-friendly interface allowing lay people to explore the model results. Prototype testing with Thames 21. A series of workshops introducing the model and interface to local volunteers.


  • A model interface that can be used by lay people to explore water quality in the local rivers and consider interventions. This is currently being completed and will be put to use soon.

  • A social science paper.

  • A paper based on INCA modelling outcomes.

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