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Mogden Community Mapping

Status:  Ongoing (on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions)

Team:  Helge Peters, Catharina Landstrom

Partners: Friends of the River Crane (FORCE), Thames21

Objectives: Establish what local environmental stewardship groups view as the most important water management issues in their area.

Activities: Field visits and qualitative interviews with members of environmental stewardship groups and local water management experts working with these groups. Community mapping happens among communities and community groups along the River Crane, River Brent and Wealdstone Brook. (Interrupted by Covid-19 restrictions)


  • Provide context for the development of models for use in community modelling projects.

  • Provide understanding of local social relationships that will support community modelling and future engagement activities.

  • Contribute additional material to the development of a guide for ways to bring local community knowledge and concerns into model-based knowledge development for water management.

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