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Enfield Community Mapping

Status:  Completed

Team:  Helge Peters, Catharina Landstrom

Partners: Thames21, London Borough of Enfield

Objectives: Establish what local environmental stewardship groups view as the most important water management issues in their area.

Activities: Field visits and qualitative interviews with members of environmental stewardship groups and local water management experts working with these groups.

Analysis of the interviews identifying main matters of concern.


This project has:

  • Provided context for decision to develop the INCA water quality model for use in planned community modelling project.

  • Provided understanding of local social relationships that will support the planned community modelling and future engagement activities.

  • Provided material for academic journal submission discussing different conceptualisations of the public in green-blue infrastructure funding.

  • Contributed to the development of a guide for how to articulate local matters of concern in ways that can be addressed by modelling.

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