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Community Water Management for a Liveable London (CAMELLIA) brings together innovative science with communities and stakeholders in London to promote sustainable water management and a better environment as the city grows.
Why is it needed?
London faces major challenges in water supply security as well as a high vulnerability to floods.


This is likely to worsen with climate change alongside the expected economic growth of the city and associated increase in population. In addition, relationships between the natural environment and urban water infrastructure are highly complex, comprising several elements – from hydrological to social and political - and its respective stakeholders. In addition, governance is historically ill-equipped to handle these challenges.

To address these, London’s water management needs integrated, collaborative and appropriate management, informed by the latest scientific understanding of hydrological and ecological systems.

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What is integrated water management? 


The management of water in London and elsewhere tends to be divided into "silos" – specific groups and organisations dealing with particular issues: water supply; wastewater disposal; flooding; water quality.


In addition, there is often a divide between the institutions who provide, treat or regulate water and the ordinary citizens who use it and are affected by it when extreme events occur.


Achieving an integrated water management means breaking down these divisions by providing new ways of enabling communities and organisations to work together and improve the effectiveness of water management decisions.

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